2 To 8 Horror Film: Anna is a 21 year old woman who works at a Law firm. She always stays there late but there was a particular night that made everything different. It is a dark night with fierce lightning racing down from the sky. John is the night shift security guard who watches Anna be the last one to leave every night. It is 2 minutes to eight and right before Anna exitts the building she decides to stay back in because it is pouring outside. As Anna turns back to the lobby but she feels like she is somewhere else or maybe a different dimension. The lights go out transporting the security guard out of her presence, as well as bringing other beings into this world. When Anna decides to look deeper into this mystery she finds herself trapped into a building that is possessed by unknown forces, and as much as she tries to make sense to what she’s seen and felt, she won’t be able to. There are many unimaginable secrets revealed in this creepy building right on 2 minutes ’till 8 PM.


Filmmakers Soran and Lucas, Directors of the Short Horror Film, “2 to 8”. The 4 Minute long Chiller turns on a woman who is leaving work for the evening. Unfortunately, she might be “clocking out”, for good! The film is a well-done blend of the a Supernatural, Zombie, and Occult Subgenres. Read on for the Interview!

Making off – Postproduction:

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