Pocket To Public is a video that introduces the importance of Ancient craft of silver smiting, and textiles design. It highlights the efforts of artists who use different skill sets to enter the textile industry that can help showcase the crafter’s talent. Handicraft is a way of expressing oneself, the skills that are showcased are highlighted greatly in the field of textile where there are different patterns and textures that can be played around and experimented with. Various techniques, skill sets and efforts are used to create a masterpiece that is one of its kind.

Hand crafts are items that are constructed skillfully by hand using simple tools. Crafters have been innovating the use of ancient tools and techniques to create a masterpiece. Whatever the choice of materials to work with and shape into objects, each piece is always very unique.

Handcrafts involve the production of a wide range of objects, including clothing, jewellery and different types of paper craft. Handcraft is more than just having the right material at hand, it is all about mixing matching different textures and patterns to create a unique piece of art. Paper craft has been taken to a next level today where they are used to create interesting designs for earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings. The items produced are both appealing to the eye and practical. Products come with all different shades, in decorative art nothing is the same twice.

Writer and Director
Lukasz Sosnowski

Azad Khan

First Cameraman
Soran Abdulkarim

Second Cameraman
Microscope Camera Operator
Lukasz Sosnowski

Stanley Chiura

Tim Wells

Arctic Caves
Suspense Soundscape
Royalty Free Music

Lukasz Sosnowski