“The Lukonians”

Movie Treatment

A whispering sound drifts over to Jonah. His gaze wanders around the room, stopping on each of his silent classmates.  He wonders if he is imagining the sound.  The sound comes again, and he looks quickly in the direction it came from. All he sees are eyes focusing on papers. A few minutes pass and the sound comes again, louder this time, but now there were several voices, and they were coming from all around him.  Clearly no one else seems to hear anything. Jonah suddenly understands that what he is hearing is his classmates thoughts.

Outside the classroom, Jonah hears a loud roaring sound above.  He looks up to see a huge space ship coming from the clouds.  Within minutes, Jonah hears the sounds of helicopters and sirens.  There is no sound or movement coming from the ship as it hovers in the sky.

At first, there are random reports from all over the world of people ‘changing’ into strange looking creatures, and the usual rumours of Armageddon and the end of the world surface.  A kid with a cell phone manages to capture on video a ‘change’ as it is happening. Once that video goes viral, there is a worldwide response.

More ships arrive, and hover over every major city in the world. They were the Lukonians, governed by their leader, Phaedra.  Secretly, they were looking for a new home, but did not reveal this.  He addresses the people of Earth, saying that they were there to help.  There is no sign of aggression from the Lukonians.

The leaders of the world form an alliance with the Lukonians.  The Lukonians inform them that for decades, thousands of them had been living amongst the humans. With little explanation, but touting their medical progress, the Lukonians offer to build medical centres where the people of Earth could receive medical help.

As time passes, the Lukonians became a ‘norm’; they interact daily with the humans.  Not all earthlings like this arrangement, and as a result,  there are constant riots and protests near the alien medical centres.

In Russia, visitors come to a centre for treatments and screenings. Everything is suddenly disrupted as explosives go off along the sides of the building. It is chaos.

Back in the UK, Constance is a 25 year-old girl.  She is very curious about the new race.

Next day, a loud air-horn sounds. All across the globe, people are coming to a standstill.  Some are literally frozen.  The Lukonians make a statement, via an image of Phaedra projecting on the side of their med centres.  He tells the human race anyone who has yet to visit one of the medical centres must do so immediately, or fear the worst.

Constance stands amongst the crowd, as does Jonah.  Jonah introduces himself to Constance.  He wants to find out what Phaedra’s message is really about.  Constance is shocked to see that her father is now one of those who are frozen in place, and when Jonah says he is going to get some answers, she decides join him.

There is chaos everywhere. Creatures not of this world swoop down, snatching up the frozen people, and carrying them off.  Constance is thinking about her father. If he is still alive. Jonah, notices that, and assures her that everything will be ok. He tells her about his mind reading abilities.

Constance and Jonah find themselves hiding away under the parking garage of a random building.  They monitor the news using an old radio, and find out that people who had visited the centres had apparently been implanted with tiny microchips. Also that there were births noticed between humans and the Lukonians who had been living on Earth before the invasion. The products of these unions are powerful beings.

Jonah and Constance make their way into the main medical centre. It is almost 3 a.m. Jonah scans for thoughts as they approach the building, but senses nothing. They move quickly through the door.  Suddenly, an alarm sounds in the air.

Jonah leaves Constance for just a moment,  his senses are pulling him deeper into the centre.  He stops at a door. He can feel that something big is behind it.  He opens a door and finds himself in a control room full of  alien medical equipment connected to glassy containers with sleeping human females in advanced stage of pregnancy.

Phaedra finds Jonah and tries to mind-attack him, but Jonah uses his own abilities, and blocks Phaedra’s mind attack. How does Phaedra even know my name? Suddenly, Jonah realises his head is free of Phaedra’s presence. Then Phaedra says something that shocks Jonah. “Jonah….I am your father.”

Phaedra tells him a story, that many years ago he had lived on Earth as a human. Jonah understands.  He thinks for a minute and realises that he considers himself to be human, no matter what his ‘father’ is trying to tell him.  He knows he must defeat Phaedra.

Jonah launches a sharp mental-attack, knocking Phaedra off his feet. Jonah is merciless. Within moments, Phaedra stops struggling and dies.  Jonah looks at the monitors to see that something is happening outside.

The Lukonian’s ships all over the world are launching and beginning to leave. People celebrate.  Jonah sees Constance sitting in the park, where her father is coming to meet them. They are very happy to see each other.