As CATHERINE searches the streets for her missing daughter, JENNY, she grows hopeless when she can’t find her. Suddenly, she receives a text message from an unknown number telling her to meet at a specified location. With no other choice, Catherine goes to meet the stranger, who turns out to be DETECTIVE HARRIS. He informs her that MR. MORGAN, a friendly police officer, told him that Jenny’s been missing for two days and wants to help locate her. Catherine tells him that she was last seen at a Hostel, so Detective Harris begins his search there. When he meets the receptionist, he gets a strong feeling that she’s hiding a dark secret when she claims to have only given Jenny her key and nothing more. Detective Harris brings in DETECTIVE WOODS, who goes undercover at the Hostel. As he’s checking in, the receptionist instructs him to provide very personal information, including signing into the visitor’s log book. After doing so, Woods is greeted by a LOCATOR, who makes a very sketchy business proposal. When the receptionist isn’t looking, Detective Woods snatches the visitor’s book and has Mr. Morgan analyse it, and realises that several people have gone missing from the Hostel. Furthermore, Jenny’s bank statements show that there’s a £2,500 withdrawal pending in her savings account. After realising that similar robberies have occurred from other guests, the detectives uncover an identity fraud group, with the receptionist and Hostel owner heavily involved. As the detectives come closer to the gang, they manage to escape. When they speak to the Locator, he confesses to seeing Jenny dragged off by the receptionist and a hooded man, which leaves the detectives with the sad realisation that she may be dead.

The Detectives – STORYBOARD